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20 Ways to Explode your Blog‘s Profitability and Traffic
by: Angela Giles
1. Book Reviews on Amazon - Write a review on a book at Be sure to select a popular book and make sure it is related to your niche. You put information about your blog, on your about me page within Amazon.
2. Signature Files - Include your blog address in your signature file.
3. Testimonials - If you have used a product of someone else's , write a great review on it. Make sure and include your signature file and photo with your testimonial.
4. Register a domain name the same as your blog name. - Include an announcement on your website about your blog.
5. Ebay - Auction off an e-book on Ebay. Put an FAQ about your e-book on your BLOG. Make sure that you solicit your prospective customers to join your mailing list when emailing them.
6. Web Cast - Announce a webcast and invite other bloggers or authors in the same niche to share their expertise on your particular topic.
7. Product Reviews - Write a product review for something and include it in your blog.
8. Display Blog Ads - Both or google ad sense are good solid choices.
9. Subscriptions to your email list - Put a place on your blog for people to sign up for your newsletter. Offer them an incentive for doing so like a free download or e-book.
10. Give Away Gifts - Have a contest on your blog or give everyone a free gift ,for visiting your blog.
11. Membership Blog - Have people sign up to be able to view your blog.
12. Create and Sell your Blog - Once you have become an expert on blogs, began to sell them on ebay.
13. Forums -Begin visiting forums and posting to them. Most major forums like the Warriors forum allow you to add a signature to your post.
14. Write Articles - Write articles and in your resource box put a link to your blog.
15. Press Releases - Write a press release on something newsworthy - include a link to your blog.
16. Blog Comments - Go to other blogs that are in the same niche and make comments...include a link to your blog (if allowed)
17. Traffic Exchanges - Join a blog traffic exchange, where you read other blogs. You can get some decent traffic this way.
18. Blog and Ping - Ping blog aggregates, every time you update your blog. is a good one.
19. Submit to Directories- Submit to blog directories. There are free and paid directories.
20. Web Rings - Join a webring and have a landing page where people will go. Entice people to go to your blog by writing a great review of it or offering a free gift such as an e-book or download.

About the author:
Not long ago, Angela Giles didn't know ANYTHING about Internet marketing...
However, within just 2 weeks, she launched her own website AND learned how to profit from an opt-in list, pull in sales with ezines, make money with Google Adwords and setup her own BLOG!

Here's how:

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